Reviews and comments on The Roscoes of Liverpool

'A new biography of Roscoe, "The Roscoes of Liverpool" has been published online by Kevin Littlewood.....and is highly recommended.'
Barton Family website, Autumn, 2011


This is a fabulously well researched piece of writing that from its depth I can only imagine must have been quite some time in its research and writing. In many ways this book is more than a detailed history of the Roscoe family in so much that it’s an engaging snapshot of life in Liverpool (and indeed the UK as a whole) in a time of great social and economic upheaval. 
         The Roscoe name is one that has left its legacy in many forms in and around the great City of Liverpool. Like many others I suspect, I was vaguely aware of the name as having some sort of watermark of achievement and distinction, of having some significant role in Liverpool life and culture, but the details were (to my embarrassment now) somewhat fuzzy and undefined.
          This book clarifies clearly the role in civic and political society that the Roscoe family (in particular William Roscoe) played. It’s a wonderful account of the role of one of Liverpool’s great families and plays a great role in marking the role of The Roscoes in Liverpool history. In William Roscoes case, when your contribution to the abolition of slavery is just one of the significant marks you’ve left upon the world, then it’s quite a life you’ve led and that life is documented thoroughly and entertainingly in this very detailed but at the same time colourful work.

Len Pentin (writer on BBC Radio Merseyside’s Paradise People). 11 November 2011


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