Slavery, poetry, history, politics, passion, elections, fair trade, farming, family life, art, collecting, industry, radicalism, the Renaissance, bad bankers, and bankruptcy……It’s all in

The Roscoes of Liverpool
 Love, fame and family misfortunes 1753-1816,
Kevin Littlewood


The untold story of William and Jane Roscoe, their family and their friends, in the brash and often brutal world of Georgian Liverpool.

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Volume 2. The Roscoes of Liverpool; Ways of living 1816-1853 will follow.


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"It has been generally agreed that the achievement of a scholarly and comprehensive biography of William Roscoe of Liverpool was too monumental a task to be achieved by a single writer......This work comprehensively disproves such a pessimistic view.... Kevin Littlewood’s biography at last makes available to the public a detailed modern account of the life and work of a Liverpolitan one-off, a life which left an enduring and beneficial impact in so many different spheres."
From the book's foreword, by Dr John Edmondson, 2011
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  1. My maternal great grandmother, Jane E. Roscoe was born in Liverpool in 1855. I'm far too young to have known her, but my grandmother used to laugh about her, saying she was a bit 'grand' and claimed to come from a very good family. Have you come across her name during your research? Ken Johnson